Voice recognition platforms like Siri and Alexa grow increasingly popular everyday and are becoming part of our daily lives. We ask voice interfaces like Siri to check the weather, make reminders for appointments, and might have Alexa turn on our living room lights. These things are convenient and make life simpler.  With voice assistants becoming more commonplace, what else does the future of voice technology hold for us?

Kevin Teman, creator of AIMM The Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker, saw the need for a voice-activated Artificial Intelligence app in the dating space.

Teman was disillusioned with dating apps, and when he joined a matchmaking service and found the entire matchmaking experience exhilarating. What he found most compelling was the dialog — getting to know you through questions, supplying advice, coaching you along the way. All of these benefits centered around the human voice.

This inspired Teman to create what was to become the first voice dating app in Apple’s App Store. It was designed to make dating hassle free and convenient, like Alexa when she turns on the lights in your house; a bond is created and the conversation becomes second nature.

AIMM Sets Its Sights on the Future of Now

The chances are the majority of apps you have on your phone right now have menus, account management, password resets and functions that involve your complex thinking.

The benefit of voice apps like AIMM is that they speak to you in a way that is more natural, creating a more pleasurable experience and requiring less thinking overall.

Voice interfaces perform their primary operations by asking the questions while you speak with them. Voice operated dating apps are more efficient than regular dating apps because they capture your preferences in a natural way by listening and speaking. It feels more like talking with a human, or talking about yourself to a friend and engaging in natural conversation.

The voice operated dating app lends itself to honesty and self-reflection. Texting, which is common in other dating apps, makes it harder to tell what the other person is actually like and easier to be dishonest.  Using its voice operated conversational interface AIMM raises the likelihood of a real connection, and lowers the chance of a disconnection. (We all know the familiar feeling of being ghosted and left questioning what went wrong without a helpful hint or honest answer as to what happened).

Technology continuously grows everyday and many people, including younger generations, still have issues adapting to the busier lifestyle of apps, texts, and calls. AIMM helps alleviate that stress by making these interactions easier through voice technology.

In the dating world, AIMM is your personal matchmaking assistant, similar to how Alexa and Siri are general assistants.  AIMM speaks to you when she receives new information about your potential partner. She will coach with her voice rather than send you information as if you were receiving information at work through email or text.

AIMM is featured In Robert Downey Jr’s newest AI Technology documentary, The Age of AI. The series features an interview with the creator AIMM creator Kevin Teman. The creator speaks about voice interfaces becoming the future of all technology interfaces. Teman believes voice interfaces are easier to use and more pleasurable.

When we go back to the question, ‘What can the future of voice technology hold for us?’ we are greeted by AIMM. AIMM will be your personal matchmaker and guide you to a better love life with her voice.