Most of us have suffered through dating apps and sites for many years, maybe even our whole single lives. Although many of us if we’re smart, have withdrawn from dating apps completely. Kevin would understand. Kevin Teman, the creator of AIMM, believes dating apps have become disrespectful, ineffective, and childish. Wading through fake profiles, dealing with less-than-stellar company morals, profit schemes, using apps that feel like they were made for kids” says Kevin, “one is left feeling utterly disrespected by the entire process”. Including Kevin himself saying “We are self-respecting people trying to find our real partners.


Self-respecting adults, says Kevin, have longed for solutions that are effective and feel grown up. Flirts, winks, roses and virtual gifts and other “junk” Kevin says detract from real human connections and push us into a fake online world. “This is not how dating should be, and not how it ever should have been”, Kevin Teman says.


Like many primary innovations of today, AIMM was created from pain. Kevin grew into adulthood in a world where official means of meeting people fall flat and pain bestowed Kevin where he could not meet someone. Additionally Kevin also could not see a single dating app that was doing the right thing. “Of course you should not text before meeting, that’s a terrible idea!” Kevin Teman says. But every dating app does this.


In Teman’s plight to meet his own partner, he eventually turned to a matchmaker — that’s right, an actual person. Having learned of matchmaking through discussions with a few founders of dating companies, Kevin participated in human matchmaking services where his eyes were opened to a new world of effective techniques: hand-holding, building people up to each other, getting them excited. These experiences, Teman said, were night-and-day compared to those in dating apps. But matchmaking services cost enormous amounts of money in the 10s of thousands. Teman began to wonder if he could create an iPhone app that mimicked human matchmaking services through AIKevin, having reached a pinnacle of his tech career and given speech recognition demonstrations, believed he had the skills to put it together. Kevin was drawn to the fact that matchmaking services were hopeful and guided you through the process of meeting someone.


The result was a different concept than a dating app. Kevin would often say he didn’t think of dating apps while building AIMM. Kevin built an AI that would carry out the effective matchmaking techniques even smarter than humans – while keeping a firm grasp on common sense.


AIMM (The Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker) is an effective but also high-tech approach to our our need for companionship and love. AIMM is a talking artificial intelligence that simulates a human. Like an actual human matchmaker, AIMM learns about you and others at the same time, then matches you with people. Think of the movie “Her”, where the AI talks to many people at once.


AIMM was the first fully talking AI to enter Apple’s App Store, and the first to make stage in the dating industry. In an era where AI has recently become a hot topic, instilling both trepidation and inspiration, AIMM hit the App Store shelves in 2017 and has never stopped innovating.


Kevin Teman sees the future, he says it is not in “dating apps”. These are things with galleries, texts, chats, winks, fake roses, and lacking real techniques according to Kevin. The future is in the combination of matchmaking techniques with artificial intelligence. AI allows us to spread these effective techniques to the most people at once, in the smartest way. In a friendly way.


Teman also desired to raise the standard of iPhone interfaces, modeling AIMM after the interaction with a human that you would experience in a matchmaking service, like the several that changed Kevin’s life. Kevin says “iPhone apps have needed a new style of interface. We’ve been building apps that feel like websites for far too long”.


Human matchmaking opened the door to Kevin Teman to a world where one could have hope of finding a partner. A lot of hope.


Kevin Teman’s approach to combining matchmaking with talking artificial intelligence has already begun changing the dating world and was hand picked by Robert Downey Jr’s team and featured in Robert’s new docu-series airing on YouTube Red in Summer 2019 (Age of AI). The series, considered to be YouTube Red’s flagship product, touts Kevin “a leader in AI” and features a compelling interview on why he created this dating AI, and where AI is going.


In Robert’s documentary, AIMM’s AI is also demonstrated through the filming of two people’s interactions in their daily lives.


“Using AIMM is as simple as answering questions”, Kevin says. “It is designed to be effortless and ironically, much simpler than using a dating app”, Teman says, “This will be reachable for even older generations who aren’t as comfortable with technology, figuring out menus or sign-ins. There is no email sign in AIMM. It’s recognizes by face and name as a person would.”


At the same time, AIMM eliminates some big problems in dating apps and online dating products. While providing these techniques to a massive audience, AIMM naturally eliminates scammers, chatrooms, instant messaging, virtual roses, winks, flirts, ghosting, and many other items which Teman believes have cluttered up the industry.


Ghosting is not really a thing in AIMM, since there is no chat. AIMM will scold you however if you’ve missed your phone call timeframe, and even pull you out of the pool for a moment, after telling you. The problem of how to sell yourself is gone in AIMM, as AIMM builds your profile automatically and talks about you for you, there is nothing you have to do to sell yourself like in dating apps.


“AIMM is a matchmaking service, not a dating app.” says Teman. “The difference will be felt by the thoughtful and deliberate introduction processes, feeling of hand-holding, and the follow-through and caring put into the experience.”


By the time you get to your real date, you get to hear their voice and see their pictures but you also get to know them and why they might be a good fit for you.


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