AIMM Sets Up Your Phone Call.

AIMM sets up a phone call between you two. After going through deep introductions and getting a final recap of the person, AIMM will make it very clear that the next step is a phone call. AIMM will ask if you are interested, confirming your agreement. After going forward, AIMM facilitates the call for both of you by reaching to the pursuee (typically the female), gathering a convenient time window, then relaying it back to the pursuer (typically the male).

AIMM will thenĀ inform you of the purpose of the call (to set up a date) and give you clear direction on what to do and coach you on what to say during your call. You won’t ever feel lost, like with dating apps. Both people will always have direction. AIMM is in control. After the call, AIMM follows up to see how it went, whether a date was made, then continues to track your date and provide you guidance. AIMM will tell you how to act on your date, as well.