World’s First Talking App Gains National Press Attention in New York Times, Fox News National and Robert Downey Jr’s Upcoming Special On Artificial Intelligence.

It is very rare to find a single app gaining national press attention which is not too surprising since Apple’s App Store has over 2.5 million non-gaming apps available, and across platforms apps are estimated to be downloaded 190 billion times every year.

Add to the mix the volume of dating apps on the market, and it seems even more unlikely that an alternative to a dating app would move from a home-spun product to being featured in local, tech and mainstream press.

In order to move into the national spotlight, the product must be truly unique and oer cutting edge technology inspired by the latest tech trends. In the case of AIMM Matchmaking Service, the app has the advantage of offering the world its first fully talking app and has sprung out of one of today’s hottest topics: artificial intelligence.

This was not an accident, according to Kevin Teman — founder of AIMM Matchmaking Service.


“It wasn’t my intention to build artificial intelligence – I wanted to create something that felt more like a human. My goal was to create an artificially intelligent form of a human matchmaker. I am tired of apps feeling like websites. Building AI was necessary to achieve a more natural interface. The magic is how the process feels so much more authentic this way.”


And the news is spreading from blogs to vlogs, national TV and the top newspapers in the country, including the New York Times (which will feature AIMM in an upcoming article on Flirting, Dating and AI).

Kevin Teman’s approach to combining matchmaking with talking artificial intelligence has already begun changing the dating world and was hand-picked by Robert Downey Jr’s team and to be featured in Robert’s new docu-series Age of AI airing on YouTube Red later this year. The series, considered to be YouTube Red’s flagship product, touts Kevin as “a leader in AI.”

AIMM’s story appeals to both the heart and the mind — combining the latest in artificial Intelligence to our primal need for love and companionship.

Kevin went through the pain of typical online dating apps and sites and was very disappointed. When he tried a matchmaking service, he found the human touch and honed intuition of the matchmaker made a huge difference. Kevin took a brand new approach, ditching the profiles and instead offering the user the digital equivalent of a human matchmaker.


“Nothing I created in AIMM came from datings apps. AIMM was built in a vacuum, modeled after human matchmaking services, where people interview you and hold your hand. It is service, instead of making you do all the work.”


These days some of the most pioneering ideas are not just coming out of Silicon Valley. Denver is quick becoming one of the country’s latest tech hubs and, according to Event and Adventures, “The most prominent AI app stateside was created by Denver native, Kevin Teman.”

AIMM has also been touted by fellow programmer and YouTube dating app influencer, Siraj Raval. Raval, who created the app, puts Teman’s app at the cutting edge of AI dating technology. “We can envision this as a multi-component system. It first learns both user preferences to predict points of attraction between them using collaborative filtering. Then it can output the results in a plain-English way by feeding the results to a generative language model”. Translated into laymen’s terms, the program learns about you and your potential matches and then makes informed matchmaking decisions based on your personality, desires, and worldview.

Blogger Erik Brown recently put AIMM years ahead of Google and highlights the product as a “sci fi” love match.

Recently, AIMM was listed as one of the top AI apps new players in the online dating market, disruptive business models and innovative technologies.

Teman was also featured on Fox News during sweeps week in May as part of a special feature on Artificial Intelligence in Matchmaking.

Teman and AIMM will additionally be featured later in The New York Times.

While Teman is flattered by all this attention he isn’t too surprised.


“What makes AIMM so interesting is that it’s talking artificial intelligence. But the real reason it exists is to help people find love in this broken industry.”





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AIMM™ is an AI Matchmaking Service That Helps Singles Find Love Through Advanced Speech Recognition Software