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I’ve always believed the potential of online dating was vast, but no one seemed to be getting it right. Following Match.com (the first major dating site) in the 90s, chat rooms, galleries and inflated profiles became the norm.

However these systems are ineffective at getting people together, because they are too cold, too impersonal, and don’t facilitate real human connections. Profiles are left empty, others are forced and unnatural. Profiles and photos are often fakes set up by the company. It is riddled with horrible emptiness – this destroyed the potential of online dating.

Fast forward to today and we now have the ability to utilize cameras, voice, emotion and face recognition. The phone is practically a human with its senses.

AIMM represents a step forward that should have been taken a long time ago, through the combination of artificial intelligence and effective matchmaking techniques. AIMM builds people up to each other, instead of making them do all the work, like a typical dating app. AIMM will never cease in its goal of facilitating authentic romantic relationships through the combination of human matchmaking and artificial intelligence.

Thank you for choosing AIMM. Welcome to the future of matchmaking.

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What better goal is there as we drift into a world of abundant technology where anything is possible than to increase our enjoyment of living? This is not happening naturally (think Twitter, Facebook and others that increase stress of living). It is our responsibility as humans to increase our pleasure and enjoyment, because that is what ultimately leads to following your instincts and doing what is right beneath the clutter of intellectual puzzles we’ve created for ourselves.

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Kevin Teman