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AIMM Learns You First! Simply Answer Questions.

AIMM asks questions. AIMM walks you through hypothetical situations, housing choices, life preferences and uses a variety of different question styles to get to know you. AIMM uses pictures to convey what it’s speaking about, walking you through hypothetical situations, potential date situations, and housing preferences to gather what’s important for you in a relationship.

One Week Later! Introductions Begin.

AIMM is able to determine the major drives of a person by how they answer questions, their answers, and how they speak about themselves while answering open ended questions. Out of approximately 11 different scales, AIMM determines the person’s two highest primary drives: what makes them motivated in life, what gets their blood pumping.

Personal Dating Coach. In Your Pocket.

AIMM is a dating assistant in your pocket, setting up times and dates for you to meet, reminding you of common interests and coaching you along the way. AIMM holds your hand at every step.

Denver, Colorado Campaign

AIMM placed billboards across Colorado with phrases like “Find Love With AI” and “Make Dating Great Again”.

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