Automatic Matchmaking.

One slogan for AIMM could be “Automatic Pursuit”. This is because AIMM truly makes the process of finding someone automatic. There is really only one basic action required from you, that is answering questions. At first, these will be questions about yourself, then they will form into questions about whether you are ready for an introduction, or whether you like someone enough to have a phone call.

AIMM was created from techniques from some of the best matchmaking services (human matchmaking services). AIMM will feel much different than a dating app, AIMM will feel more like having an assistant by your side. There is nothing you’ll have to do, except open the app, and answer questions. AIMM will take care of the introductions, the choosing, the messaging, the compatibility, the profiles, so that you only have to think about one thing: whether the person feels right or not. That’s your only job.

Welcome to an Automatic World.

Automatic Pursuit.

Respectfully, One Introduction at a Time.