Exclusive Channel.

AIMM is incredibly unique in that it works to filter down your choice to only 1 person, unlike dating apps. With men (or pursuers), women (or pursuees) are introduced only a few at a time (usually 2 to 4). Then AIMM works hard to widdle the pursuer’s choices down to one, sending him/her through a deep introduction to that person. As a pursuee (woman, typically) AIMM will introduce you to only one man at a time, but this only happens after they’ve already received a full introduction to you and indicated their final interest.

By the time you are being introduced to them, you two will be the only two people on each other’s plates. This means that by the time connections are made, strong interest already exists. Using this exclusive channel concept (1 on 1) AIMM continues to introduce you, facilitate your first phone call, then get you to your date, all with the peace of mind knowing that they’re not going to disappear from someone else being interested. For men, this is a huge relief, for women, it means peace of mind knowing you can focus on one person at a time.

Welcome To Real Matchmaking.

No Competition. Feel Secure.