AI Personality & Conscious

Create a Talking AI Personality Effortlessly.


STEP 1: Watch video above.

STEP 1: Watch video above.

Advanced Personality Gets to Know Your Users Automatically Through Humor. Own It Offline, Forever.

This package includes the Siri-like personality ready to drop into your app, along with question asking, humor, already designed to engage your users. Just like the AIMM app does (View on Fox).

Your app will automatically begin asking questions and getting to know the user – just like the AIMM production app does. It’s Siri, plus humor, interactive conversation, and personality while it gets to know the user. Controllable with your own questions. As a backdrop we’ll use a variety of our vetted getting to know you questions to learn your user that we’ve honed over time, injecting humor along the way. Spawn your AI personality and create the app of the future in your field. Become the master of your field. 

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