Artificially Intelligent Dating and Matchmaking App.

AIMM. Respectful Artificial Intelligence At Your Fingertips.

Where a Dating App Meets Siri.

When you open AIMM you’ll be greeted by an automated voice. She’s waiting to tell you a little bit more about the prospect she spoke to you about last week. This time… we’ll get a little deeper. Soon… she’ll facilitate a phone call for you two, if it feels right. Don’t worry, she’ll hold your hand the entire time.


First of Its Kind.

AIMM brings the feeling and presentation of a human matchmaking service into the palm of your hand.

Your Personal Matching Assistant.

AIMM works for you. Dating is hard enough, AIMM holds your hand through the entire matching process.


Everything inside AIMM is automatic. Simply answer questions with your voice, then be introduced to people over time.

The Date Story™

AIMM walks you through a hypothetical date situation to get to know you better.

AIMM always seeks to learn you. Experiencing AIMM is like experiencing a movie, or a game that walks you down paths and allows you to choose the direction.

The Traveling Story™

AIMM walks you through a hypothetical traveling story to get to know your tastes.

AIMM learns your tastes of travel ensuring matches that fit your individual preferences.

100% Conversational.

The world’s first fully conversational app.

Artifical Intelligence.

Simplify your dating life. Allow AIMM to guide your matches.

No Passwords or Usernames.

Enjoy facial recognition to access AIMM.


AIMM is your personal assistant and coach.

The Future is Here. I Am Ready For You.

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