No Chat Rooms.

Everyone who’s used dating apps knows the displeasure of entering into a text chat game with a stranger, only to be ghosted, have the conversation diminish, or worse, think you know the person by the facts, but then realize they are different in real life. It’s NEVER a good idea to text chat before an in-person meeting. AIMM enforces this. No more text chatting.

It’s time to say hello to your interest with your voice, so that you can both really start to learn each other. Then, if your phone call goes well, you can consider a date next, where you will talk in person. There is no text chatting in AIMM, just like there are no profiles, no galleries, no flirts, no winks, no (fill-in-the-blank with pointless stuff). AIMM is all about the real connection, and facilitating that.