Matchmaking App

There are many dating apps.

But only one matchmaker.

The power of a matchmaking service in your pocket.

Meeting AIMM

AIMM is a personal matchmaking service in the palm of your hand. The introduction process begins by you and AIMM getting to know each other. This is a creative process which is different for everyone. You are taken on a journey from the very onset where you answer a series of interviews that describe your personal preferences as well as those you seek in a partner.


Stories are used within AIMM to get to know you. From what you prefer on vacation, your first date, to the art and music you enjoy, stories make it easy and fun to get to know critical facts, like what kind of house you would buy if you settled down, or whether you like to travel, and where. AIMM ensures the best match possible by getting to know the core of your preferences. Many considerations go into how AIMM matches you with others. AIMM does this in a fun and interactive way while keeping a sense of humor. Life is meant to be fun; stories help keep it fun.

Personal Assistant

AIMM is your personal coach holding your hand through the dating process. AIMM does this by setting reminders, coaching on what you should do and say on your phone call, and coaching you on what you should do and say on your first date. AIMM will ask you the best time to facilitate your first phone call.

The Match

While AIMM is getting to know you, AIMM is looking for matches for you automatically. AIMM uses IBM Watson and secure AIMM servers to cross reference your personality across the AIMM community, giving AIMM the ability to introduce you to people who you already have commonalities with. And, AIMM will give you a feel for the person’s personality, even before your first phone call. After your first phone call, AIMM will facilitate a first dinner date so the two of you can settle in and get to know each other in person, where the real magic happens.