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Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker was created in 2017. Today, it is being infused with ChatGPT level AI, adding advanced reasoning and intellectual thinking. Help us.


It’s no mistake that AIMM is intaking advanced language capabilities. This was the original vision of Kevin Teman when he created AIMM. He always intended it to like a real human matchmaker. To do this, he used the camera, microphone and speaker of the phone to interact with the user just a person would, naturally, with humor, with natural language. Kevin was able to accomplish this without GPT or large language models in 2017 using a combination of machine learning and old fashioned AI. This worked well, creating a simplistic, much more natural and friendly experience for the users – where all they had to do with answer questions about themselves.


As of 1 month ago, AIMM is fusing its existing AI system, grounded in advanced concepts like 13 different personality scales which are adjusted for people as they progress, with modern ChatGPT level AI where AIMM can answer questions about your potential matches that are complex. “Will David or Zach appreciate that I play tennis every weekend?” would produce a response like “David will appreciate your inclination to play tennis each weekend as he has specifically noted the importance of workout routines for people”.


You can also ask “I know you think David will be great for me, but I’m not sure if I like his career choice, it’s a little bit risky for me. Do you have anyone who is like him but with a more stable career?”. AIMM’s response will be to instantly look and respond with a highly intelligent suggestion: “Yes, there is one man who is similar to David in most ways including his inclination towards exercise who makes a good income as a doctor”.


Beyond that, AIMM will be able to automatically put you with people who would work well with you. AIMM understands the current dating climate better than any single human. It knows exactly what trends most people follow, and the traps they fall into such as women waiting their entire 20s for Mr. Right and never finding him. Because AIMM can see those trends happening very clearly, it will advise you on when is a good time to settle versus keep looking.


AIMM will continue on to solve many of the other major problems in dating today, which have resulted in an epidemic of lonely men and women. Over half of men today have not had sex in the last year. This is a staggering number. A large majority of women soar past their prime years of life into their 30s and are discarded due to having multiple kids from different fathers or just being too old for men’s preferences anymore. AIMM knows how to fix these major issues, knows exactly when you need to pull the trigger and settle on the right guy, and will get you the very best guy for you. On the men’s side, as men tend to be more visceral in nature, it will properly deliver attractive options from those women who will actually consider you. As a matchmaker, AIMM figures out whether the woman would date you.


This and more is coming within months. I look forward to helping solve some of the major problems we are all facing. Half of men never having sex, most of women ending up alone when they desire partners. This all needs to change, and it starts with someone who knows the mechanics behind dating, and is willing to employ the latest technology to make it happen. Kevin Teman has done this from beginning.


Join him if you are interested in helping the cause. He could benefit from help in design (UX), as well as flow. As AIMM is entirely a talking AI, there is minimal interface involved limited to showing charts and graphs, photos, etc. But the flow of the AI, controlling the AI is very important. If you have experience in AI, join and help. We are still in startup and pre-profit phrase, so don’t expect a cushy salary yet. Programmers are welcome to also message us, but keep in mind top salaries are not being paid. We are in scrappy mode now.


From the creator Kevin Teman:

For customers, send your ideas please. This is a very intelligent AI that benefits from real good ideas. We get our ideas from matchmakers primarily who have been doing this for decades and care about this more than anything else. But any single person is capable of our-shining any one of their ideas, because WE ALL know what dating is like when we are in it. Tell me what you think this needs to be. I’ll make it happen, if I can see your point.

Thank you all.


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