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The next wave of AIMM is coming soon, help us

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Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker will take advantage of Chat GPT, GPT-4, Llama and advanced AIs to assist in finding partners.


From the creator Kevin Teman:

Hi everyone. Just a quick update here so you guys know this is alive. AIMM is very important for the dating industry and people that want to find worthwhile relationships, like I did, when dating apps continually let me down. Though progress with AIMM has been slower than desired (I am a single programmer who built this while working to survive) I am working each day to add AIMM’s talking technology to apps (through Talking App Kit) entering the restaurant industry through Talking AI Corporation. Very soon, I will be exercising my partnerships with large matchmaking companies that we have and bringing a version of AIMM infused with a new level AI (Chat GPT, GPT-4 and similar level), and then following with an influx of customers from our matchmaking service partners. With the capabilities of AI today, applying these through dating through AIMM will be transformative, in an even greater amount than AIMM was in 2017. Write me if you’d like to support my cause. There needs to be a good dating app like this that actually cares facilitating romantic relationships. If you’ve pursued the dating app world, you know that to be true. I am the rebel fighting the imperial death start. That is what I will do. I look forward to hearing from you, otherwise keep your eyes peeled.



A few words for why this is powerful from the creator:

Regarding Chat GPT, GPT-4, Llama and advanced AIs in assisting in matching through AIMM.


Dating is one of the most important areas there are, and has been neglected by capitalist society. I am not a capitalist at heart. I care more about taking a worthwhile step, which the dating industry has shown time and time again it is unwilling to do. Investors are responsible for creating thousands of copies of the same app. That is what you have now. No one has bothered to do what is really needed. This is why I had to veer off the beaten path.

The way AIMM will change with advanced AI like Chat GPT and GPT-4 is that it will become much more intelligent in the way it finds commonalities and people that you’d like. Far beyond the scope of what dating apps attempt with meager note cards or cute, highly groomed profile statement (ineffective, if you’re not getting my undertone), AIMM will do the common sense things: is he career oriented or family oriented, would that work well with you, this is what he sees as the beginning progression of a relationship and where he wants to go with his life. He said something before that makes me think you’ll like him, because has the same inner inclinations as you, like when he said “I can’t wait to get to the beach this Friday and hit the waves”.

AIMM already does this stuff, but will now be infused with GPT-level AI that will take it to a much higher level, whereas before it relied more heavily on decision-tree AI for relationship logic and machine learning for speech recognition. It will now move to a distribution more heavily focused around machine learning and neural networks to match people with potential partners using deep matchmaking intuition gathered from the strongest matchmaking services and create a natural, magical experience which AIMM has always aimed to do. I constantly interview matchmakers and gather intuition to make this happen.

Blackbox AIs like Chat GPT and GPT-4, Llama and others create an opportunity for AIMM to learn people on a deeper level, using natural language and building an internal profile and assessment on them. This is what AIMM has always done since 2017, but now with the higher operating AI, it can go further and find the subtleties that would make the real spark actually happen, and rest assured I will. Using Chat GPT advanced AIs, AIMM has the most promising chance of getting you into a relationship you will cherish from the beginning. This has always been my goal.

I look forward to chatting with you more about this if you’d like to support or give me ideas, I can be reached at [email protected]