AI MatchmakingTalking App Kit

AIMM will allow matchmakers & dating experts to build their own Matchmaking AI to serve clients through voice interviews, without programmers.

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This kit is what every matchmaking service dreams of, and needs.


Calling all matchmakers and dating coaches who need an app!

We’re creating something very exciting and incredibly useful… the self-learning Matchmaking App Kit specifically created for matchmakers, and originating from Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker and Talking App Kit (the self-learning kit designed for regular apps).


What Will It Do? Everything… from creating your app to serving your clients, through voice interviews with your phone through a Siri-like interface.

With no programmers required, AI voice will simply interview you through your iPhone out loud, by talking to you. It will ask you questions in a natural way (like talking with a person) to learn and replicate your matchmaking styles and techniques. You can have any of your matchmakers train the AI by talking to their phones and answering its questions, or you yourself can turn it into a replica of you by being the primary trainer. It will ask how it should sound, and can take your voice or one of your matchmakers (duplicating your voice). This same app will then turn around and work with your clients on your behalf, unlimited amounts of them, for as long as you want, with no continual fees. You’ll own forever, with one purchase.

So easy to train, requiring no programmers at all. You simply talk to the app and answer questions, just like the clients do to work with it. If you don’t have an app yet, your clients will use our existing app to work with you or we’ll submit a new app to the store for you with your AI. If you have an app, you’ll update with this one.


The Creator

Kevin Teman, the creator of Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker, life was changed through human matchmaking and has been through as a client and worked with country’s largest and most popular matchmaking services while creating AIMM. He thinks matchmaking is wonderful, and dedicated his life to it. His heart is in this process more than anyone else in the world. Watch Kevin Teman, the creator, speak below on how matchmaking changed his life and AIMM. Learn about the new documentary Life 2.0 on Netflix with AIMM. If you are interested, please contact us right away to begin discussing with us things you will want.

Kevin Teman speaking on how matchmaking changed his life and AIMM



How Does It Work?

This video will show you how the matchmaker will work with your clients (you’ll see creator in the app, the person will change to who you want or to your voice). See it walk through the eventual meeting of two clients, and see how the process works.


Short Version of How It Works:


The Matchmaking App Kit. More details soon…

AIMM is leading the front in dating artificial intelligence: AI used in matchmaking and finding love. If you’re human matchmaking, have been successful in your craft and your heart is also dedicated, contact us now so we can build this for you. This will save costs on human matchmakers reducing your bottom line and allow you to reach a vastly wider client base using your same techniques and approaches. This is the translation of everything you’ve worked hard for into an AI matchmaking machine. Our goal is to spread genuine matchmaking in a world of shallow ineffective dating apps.