iPhone and iPad developers are heavily sought out and highly paid yet, as exciting as these careers are, the average person may feel intimidated on how to go about building their iOS developer skill-set from the ground up.

Traditional schools can be expensive and can be overly-academic. There are a variety of online courses and videos but it is unclear how they will help you build up the acumen to be a hirable iOS developer.

Kevin Teman, creator of AIMM – The Artificially Intelligent Matchmaker – understood these problems and decided to put his 13 years in the field to good use and help out those looking to get started in the field. This is part of his inspiration for the idea of the Code School based out of Denver, Colorado.

“This naturally evolved,” said Teman. “People are excited about AIMM and the app and the concept of it and we’ve had programmers reach out to us, offering to help the cause. Recently, we’ve developed the infrastructure necessary to allow bringing in outside help.

A lot like crowdsourcing, many products these days can be built by the users of the products themselves. We want to offer a facility to teach regular people how to develop something like this.”

Teman was disillusioned with dating apps, and when he joined a matchmaking service and found the entire matchmaking experience exhilarating. What he found most compelling was the dialog — getting to know you through questions, supplying advice, coaching you along the way. All of these benefits centered around the human voice.

This inspired Teman to create what was to become the first voice dating app in Apple’s App Store. It was designed to make dating hassle free and convenient, like Alexa when she turns on the lights in your house; a bond is created and the conversation becomes second nature.

AIMM Starts Coding School

Teman is envisioning a brand new resource that will allow those interested in iPhone coding to practice on real applications and get direction and instruction from professional iOS developers.

“For me programming is life-building exercise,” Teman explains. “Becoming smarter and being able to think through problems is so important for every area of life. Programming teaches this, especially when you’re firmly planted on a mission.”

“First we reach out informally to our friends and colleagues to see who wants to help. The second step is advertising the code school to a wider group of people that we wouldn’t otherwise know about. The other programmers and I will be involved in on-boarding new people,” said Teman.

The curriculum will be a blend of online or virtual and workshop based modules. AIMM Code school will be free of charge and will be offered to anyone interested in joining this lucrative field.

“I will be spearheading it and that includes everyone who is already working for AIMM will be involved. The idea is we all have something to teach each other. People that want to go through the school… some will be in the field. Others will not have worked in the field but find AIMM interesting. So it is meant for everyone. Think like an open source project but a little more controlled than that,” said Teman

More Information

AIMM has received recognition in the industry as a bold new approach to dating apps from Fox News, Mashable, MIT and is partnering will be featured in upcoming documentaries featured on a new show in Hollywood.

This school will correspond with the launch of the third iteration of AIMM, AIMM 3.0, a highly upgraded version of AIMM —enhanced to be even closer to a real human matchmaker.

Teman continues, “Despite the fact that press and social media may paint the picture that AIMM is resting quietly, we are working harder than we have ever before, and accomplishing more than we ever have before.”