Deciding whether or not to use a modern day matchmaking service is a deeply personal choice. The ways in which we meet people these days can leave you feeling like you’ve wasted your time swiping without ever getting the chance to get to know a person. Our lifestyles today continue to become busier and busier, and as a result, dating and meeting potential partners the organic way has become more and more difficult. Today’s dating scene seems to consist mostly of the “latest and greatest” hookup app of the month, or an expensive service that’s overly concerned with matching you based on an antiquated personality type. So it’s no wonder why choosing which, if any, of these services becomes an intimidating, time consuming, and overwhelming process. However, today there is a new way to utilize technology to meet someone.

It's called AIMM. An artificially intelligent matchmaking service.

AIMM is far from a dating app in operation or appearance. AIMM is an artificial intelligence talking voice living inside your phone that gets to know you, coaches you, and holds your hand while you date, creating a more natural experience. AIMM is your voice activated, talking friend that facilities romantic connections for you. AIMM recreates a human matchmaking service with AI that feels human-like. By spending a thorough amount of time getting to know you, AIMM is able to connect you with people who vibe well with you. In addition, AIMM is there to help you along the path by guiding you through your first phone calls and dates. AIMM could be considered more of an assistant rather than a dating App. AIMM gets to know the real you, perhaps even better than you know yourself. By guiding you through a series of interactive, hypothetical situations AIMM is able to learn “how you are” and find a partner who would work well with you. For instance, what is your ideal date? Ideal trip? Where would you go and why? If you were to settle down with a partner, what kind of house would you want them to choose?

AIMM is said to “represent a step forward that should have been taken a long time ago, through the combination of artificial intelligence and real human matchmaking techniques."

With AIMM, the answers to these questions become a seamless part of the matchmaking process, and go into HOW you are matched. To make things fun, AIMM adds a sense of humor to the whole process. AIMM is a quirky AI that enjoys messing with you. With all the funny mishaps that occur in dating, AIMM thinks we should all be laughing and having fun. But that’s only the beginning, after walking through the series of stories with you, AIMM is able to begin looking for ideal matches for you right away. Rather than randomly queuing up other users based on a Geolocation model, AIMM uses the intimate knowledge that you provide about yourself to connect you to potential partners that are right for you. And AIMM operates in a very transparent and natural way. No more swiping, no more guessing. AIMM does the work for you, like a human matchmaking service. But it doesn’t stop there, once AIMM has carefully matched you, it begins helping you build your connection to your partner. By utilizing useful things like reminders, screenshots of your call times, and by coaching you with its voice, AIMM builds up your connection with your partner and creates an adhesiveness.
AIMM is said to “represent a step forward that should have been taken a long time ago, through the combination of artificial intelligence and real human matchmaking techniques”. AIMM welcomes you to a world where artificially intelligent love-finding is finally a reality.