You can’t hurry love. But with a little help from AI, you might just find it in the palm of your hand.

Over two decades ago, online dating was merely an emerging concept met by an equal mix of cynicism and wonder. Fast forward to 2016, 15% of American adults have used an online dating site, while 2018 data from eHarmony reveals that 40% of Americans use online dating. It’s safe to say that most people won’t bat an eyelash when they learn that a couple met through an online dating service.

In the age of growing dating apps and “swipes”, we’re looking at what could be the future of matchmaking; an app that combines human-like AI, with personalization enough to find suitable matches.

Introducing AIMM, the world’s first matchmaking service that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you find the one.

Reinventing the “Superficial” Dating Experience

The problem with dating apps today runs deep — they’re cold, impersonal, and superficial. People swipe left and right, or they “match” and do nothing about it. Some dating app users might as well spin the bottle or flip a coin. There’s much too swiping and guessing and not enough facilitating of relationships.

The lack of a more tailored experience can be frustrating to many users, considering that personalization is now the name of the game. Consumers want unique experiences and unique interactions with brands. They want to be understood, respected, and treated like people. And this demand for humanized marketing extends to online dating services.

With the dating apps we have now, users spend the little free time they have on online conversations that go nowhere and on people who are uncaring or unwilling to commit. If you were expecting to find Mr. or Ms. Right, you’d have to place in your bet and hope for the best. It relied mostly on luck and chance.

We need something smarter and more thoughtful

We, then, need something smarter and more thoughtful: something that’s more cognizant of your preferences and more knowledgeable of who you are as a person. And something that would use these abilities with a mix of common sense to introduce you to a potential partner.

Hence, AIMM was created. The idea behind the app is to facilitate deep romantic connections between users which other dating apps lack the technical ability to create. Gone are the days of instant personal profiles or text messaging. This matchmaking service is about getting to know you and connecting you with like-minded people and creating real conversations (like phone calls) from there. If you’re looking for something more real, more long-term, and more friendly and human-like, this matchmaking app was designed for you.

Simply, AIMM is revolutionary and may very well be the future of matchmaking.

Harnessing the Power of AI for a Human Touch

What do all current dating apps have in common? They lack that personal touch to facilitate real human connections. They also do not extend the effort to facilitate a relationship – instead they simply leave you to create your own. AIMM acts like a human matchmaking service getting into the core of who you are and your preferences and then holding your hand while facilitating phone calls for you. With the power of facial and voice recognition, the experience is more personalized than ever.

By personalized, we mean personalized. Your AI matchmaker learns about you like a human matchmaker would: from your favorite books, your preferred first date, to the house you’re likely to buy when you settle down. The introduction process can take days, and the experience is different for everyone.

As it gets to know you better, your matchmaker is collecting all information that can help it find the best possible match for you. It does all this by voice, in a fun and interactive way to keep things interesting.

When the time is right, your matchmaker introduces you to a potential match and begins to build the person up for you. If things feel right, it arranges a phone call with your prospective suitor – and like a true personal coach, holds your hand the entire time.  AIMM presents one unique potential match at a time, making room for more immersive, in-depth, focused introduction. When you’ve been introduced to someone by AIMM, you’ll know them on a much deeper level than you would experience in a dating app.

As we enter the era of AI-empowered connections and genuinely distinctive experiences, we can truly say that the future of matchmaking is here.

If you’re ready to pave the way for your future and explore real opportunities at love, try talking to AIMM today.