Humans crave connection and the search for another human being who is on the same wavelength as ours has led us to the Internet and social media.

In the past, people relied on family and friends to set them up on dates with other individuals. Some hopeful singles even entirely bypassed family and friend referrals by attending parties and gatherings where they can meet a potential match.

Today, online dating has joined the ranks of the most popular ways to meet people or even find love. In fact, a survey by The Knot looked into 14,000 Americans who were either recently engaged or married and found that 17% of the respondents met their significant other (SO) on an app or dating app.

Online dating has become a popular way to meet your SO. While some dating apps and websites used technology and algorithm to weed out mismatches, other app developers stepped up the game and brought artificial intelligence into the picture.

Finding Love in the Digital Age

Technology has made it easy for people to see a potential match from a pool of other viable candidates. Compatibility signals are now easier to spot, as many online dating apps present the factors that are meaningful in the selection of potential partners. These factors include the person’s appearance, profession, or personality. Online algorithms, moreover, refine the search by incorporating elements that may prove to be integral in mate selection, such as the potential mate’s location.

While technology has undoubtedly saved people the trouble of going on several in-person dates, it also has its own set of pitfalls. Some users deliberately try to game the system by making their profiles appear more exciting or even by using someone else’s photos or identity.

A Pew Research Center survey revealed, for instance, that 54% of people who use online dating platforms reported that a potential match misrepresented themselves online. A separate study noted that some 22% of online daters have had someone review their profiles so they can make changes that they hope will improve their chances of finding a good match.

Enter Artificial Intelligence

Developments in predictive analysis advanced AI and might provide a solution to frequent online dating setbacks.

The same predictive analysis behind product recommendation engines, for instance, can be applied to matchmaking. It means that online dating doesn’t need to rely on user-created profiles anymore. (can we get a “hurrah” for not having to create another profile!) Instead, platforms can use predictive analysis to include user-specific data, such as streaming playlists or shopping stories, to provide a glimpse of the person’s interests and personality. As AI gains access to vast amounts of data, it’s likely to make substantial matches. Additionally, AI can learn you by asking straight-forward human-like questions and figure things out about you that would make you compatible with someone!

Kevin Teman developed AIMM, the world’s first talking AI matchmaker. AIMM was made to function and feel just like a personal dating coach (specifically a human matchmaker), but with the advantages of an intelligent personal assistant. It is entirely conversational – so it talks to you with its voice – and thus it will for example, ask you the best time for an introduction phone call with your prospect. Or, coach you on what to do or say on your first date or phone call. By harnessing technologies like open-ended speech interpretation, personality analysis, emotion recognition, and facial recognition, this AI app brings online dating into the human-like realm – where for the first time you’ll get to know the experience of being led by an artificial intelligence towards a human relationship.

AIMM is in the Apple App Store now, already available to start talking with. Feel free to download and explore the app, or contact the AIMM team by filling out this form.